Public Relations

Dea Parkin
Specialist writer for business since 1991


Public relations can be many things. It can be a sustained campaign, getting coverage across a wide range of media. It can be about getting an article in your local paper. It can be about presenting a good image through elements such as CSR, sponsorship, exhibitions, responsible behaviour. It’s about perception, public image and raising your profile.

Most companies have aspects to their business that will merit media coverage if handled in the right way. And it needn’t cost a lot of money: I offer a template package and a set of contacts for less than £100. Or, for small companies and organisations, I can provide PR to garner coverage in regional and trade media. Whatever your size, I will advise on how to use PR to your advantage as part of a marketing strategy.

For manufacturers in furnishings and furniture (not including beds, as my arrangement with Sweet Dreams is exclusive) I can offer a full PR and marketing service including strategy, PR, copywriting, advertising and graphic design, photography and associated services. Or I can simply provide PR to trade press and if required, consumer. The fee depends on the amount of work involved.

I will say, never underestimate what regular PR can do for you. It might not lead to direct sales like a well-crafted ad or emailshot but it raises your profile and above all underlines your credibility. It makes you the go-to name, or recognised brand. Not overnight, we’re talking about a protracted campaign here, but it’s more cost-effective than any amount of advertising. And it says, as advertising can’t, that you’re to be trusted. How much is that worth?

The biggest secret of switched-on PR? Understand your target audience